Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Have Finally Done It

Well Cynthia insured me to get our blogspot finished. I set up the blog last April and I am finilly getting to it. Alicia just started working full-time at Banner Desert ER. She is a little stressed about the busy atmosfer but I know she'll do great. I told her the first year is really hard then it just get better after that. I'm still here at the Heart Hospital. I'm hoping to apply for a house supervisor position that should be coming open really soon. Bailey is playing the violine at school and is taking piano lessens along with Little John. Kenli is a good little helper. She helps out in the mornings before her afternoon kindergarten class. She is very spirited and has her own oppinion about most any thing. I think Kenli has passed some on to McKenzie. That little girl is in to everything. She is talking up a storm. I think she learns 20 new works a day. Brycen is getting around better everyday. He should be walking soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008